Assembly instructions

Assembly instructions

Reconstruction aid

Dear customers,

For the setup it is sometimes necessary to loosen the eyelets on the whelping box and/or on the elements since they are not allowed to stick out for transport.


Öse: Eyelet / Verbindungsstange: Connection pole                                                     


Please join the elements so that the eyelets are lapped on top of each other (reference subscription) and put the Connection pole from above through the eyelets.

Always join the elements in one direction, so that they join either clockwise or counterclockwise.

If you have trouble during the setup, please feel free to contact us.

If you wish to have a durable long –lived pleasure with your Plexiglas, always clean them carefully with a wet soft cloth. The best would be microfibre. Do not use abrasive or aggressive cleaner, better add some dish soap or neutral cleaner to the water.

We hope you derive much pleasure with your new breeding furniture!

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