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How is the FairPets breeding furniture’s workmanship?

Our breeding furniture is being produced by carpenters with best craftmanship. We are a small family-owned business and we put three generations of knowledge in wood processing into our designed and manufactured breeding furniture. We work with much passion for detail and heart.

We only use untreated natural wood (spruce) and 2mm Plexiglas for our kitten and whelps playpens.

The boxes are made out of 8mm thick plywood which is actually more than necessary. The lid is being reinforced by strips on the bottom side.

Every edge is rounded off and everything is polished.

The connection poles have spherical heads of wood, so that the gaps on top between the elements are covered.


Are the playpens easy to set up?

Yes, our playpens are very easy to set up. All you have to do is put the connection poles through the pre-cut eyelets.


Which different whelping boxes does FairPets offer?

The kitten boxes have two exits, one for the mother cat and one for the kitten. However if you expect more than one litter, or more cats wish to mother the kitten, we offer kitten boxes which can be joined.

The whelping boxes have one entrance which can be adjusted just as required. To ensure the whelps safety and to reduce the threat that the whelps are being crushed by their mother, we added some distant strips on the sides.

We use plywood for the boxes, because it is much lighter than solid wood, so the boxes are easier to lift.


Are the whelping boxes varnished?

No, our whelping boxes and playpen elements are untreated. But we can recommend a product for consummatory action.


Are there any accessories for the whelping boxes?

We do offer removable top parts so that the younger animals cannot climb over the top.


In which heights does FairPets offer playpen elements?

We offer elements for playpens in three different heights: 55cm, 70cm and 80cm. The width amounts 56cm. The thickness of the wooden frame amounts 18mm with the 55cm element. The 70cm and 80cm both have 18mm on top. The bottom and the side amount 24mm.


Are the elements natural?

The elements are always untreated. We do, if you wish, recommend a product for consummatory action.


Are the playpens stable?

Our playpens are flexible in set up and easy to relocate, but are absolutely stable.


Are the complete systems expandable?

You are always able to buy more elements and expand your playpens.


Does FairPets offer doors?

We offer doors for humans and animals in various heights.

Furthermore we offer partitioning doors for rooms, hallways, stairwells etc.


Can you set the complete systems with whelping box up in a rectangle?

It is possible to set them up in a rectangle. To do so you need an odd number of elements and an additional element-rectangle shape. Since recently, we offer complete systems which were especially composed for a rectangle shape and additionally contain a removable top part.



Is FairPets reachable for questions?

We would be more than happy to assist you in any question. You can reach us at any time via email, phone, mobile phone or fax. In urgent cases we are even reachable in the evenings and during weekends.


Where do I get FairPets breeding furniture?

Only at Fairpets in our online-shop!

Our linkage and breeding furniture was developed by us. There are some uncreative contemporaries who try to copy our system, our whelping boxes and playpens. However they are not able to reach our Quality and price-performance ratio.

Only at FairPets you get original FairPets breeding furniture and FairPets quality!       


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